The speech of Tsoy Lyudmila Nikolaevna, the head of the branch of «Baikal State University of Economics and Law» in Yakutsk at the 13-th International Forum of the Arctic

In 2002 the branch of «Baikal State University of Economics and Law» in Yakutsk was opened as a structural division of Baikal State University of Economics and Law in Irkutsk. It is one of the most prestigious universities in Siberia. Several years ago it was known as "Irkutsk Institute of National Economics.” In 2010 the university celebrated its 80th anniversary. The university has some branches in Siberia. Among them the largest one is the branch in Yakutsk.

There is a faculty of Economics and Law and four chairs in our university. We have more than four thousand day-time and part-time students. Our main goal is to provide qualified education. We have well-experienced and qualified teachers working at the university. And we also host teachers and professors from the head university to give lectures.

Considering material possibilities of students, the university administration tries to make training accessible and comfortable as much as possible. A new price policy has been developed in 2009. Also we have discounts and scholarships for socially disadvantaged students.

Our university has good partnerships with many universities of other regions. So at the International scientific-practical conference last year we signed a contract of international cooperation with the Mongolian Orkhon University of Tourism.

The material base of our university is growing. Now we have three buildings with spacious line audiences, computer-classes with Internet access, exercise rooms and a gym with climbing-wall ”Skalodrom" in it. Students and employees have a good possibility to train and work out there. Besides the branch has a rich library with both textbooks and e-books and CDs.

Research work of our university includes researches in the scope of Economics and Law. The Research department supervises the publication of proceedings of teachers, post-graduate students and students. Our graduates can take postgraduate courses in the head university in Irkutsk.

We participate and hold in many scientific events, such as seminars, festivals and scientific conferences of various levels. Annually we hold Russian festival of mass communications «PR Days in Yakutia» during which we discuss problems of development of the region.

So, in 2008 the first conference was devoted to formation of positive image of Yakutia and Russia as a whole. Opening the Yakut representation of the Russian association on public relations on the basis of our university became a significant event then. In 2009 public communications of region in the conditions of new social and economic realities became the main subject of the conference.

In 2013 in June the sixth festival of mass communications «PR Days in Yakutia» took place. Representatives of foreign countries took part in it. At scientific-practical conference participants discussed the role of mass media in formation of positive atmosphere in the society, and also the role of science, culture and education in regulation of social relations of the region. We invited representatives of the ministries and departments, business communities, scientific, educational and public organizations, mass-media, studying youth to participate in the conference.

One of the most important projects in joint research work of our university and the head university in Irkutsk is working out a program of social and economic development of municipal union «Lensky area» in Yakutia till 2020. The purpose of this work is to create favorable conditions for a life of people and work of the enterprises and economy in Lensk area. The program is based on the exact analysis of conditions and resources of development of Lensky area. The complex of favorable factors is caused by ample opportunities for development of the given territory.

On the basis of faculties we have business incubators working where the students together with teachers develop scientific-practical projects in the field of tourism, economics and law. So, in together with the creative studio of director Andrey I "Navigator" which works on the basis of our university, students participate in realization of many projects. The project on restoration of the historical monument of federal value "Shergin’s Shaft" started in 2008. We managed to draw public attention to this unique and unfairly forgotten object. Shergin’s Shaft is a unique in the world as it is a well with the depth of 116 and half metres, dug in a permafrost zone. We hope that at an early date this shaft will become an attractive object for tourists.

One more project of studio "Navigator" is the memorial run on reindeer teams «The Polar region Cavalry». For the first time it took place in March, 2010 and has been devoted to the 65th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War and memory of the soldiers-reindeer breeders battling for the Native land. The head of the studio Andrey I and the cameraman Marina Kalinina together with the nomadic Zamyatins family have made a unique trip to route village Topolinoe which is 365 kilometers far from Magadan highway in Oymyakonsky district.

The third project of studio "Navigator" was cutting down a subglacial tourist complex "Icearium" in the lake. The studio members hollowed a labyrinth with many rooms in which there is also Yakut national furniture and dresses made of ice. Icearium is a pleasant place both for Yakut people and for the visitors of the capital. Cultivation of a huge ice monument should become the following winter project in 2011.

We also annually participate in the international action «Green wave». This year it passed on 22nd, May in the International Day of a biodiversity and became a bright event of that spring.

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